Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa, the country was formed in 1964 with union of two sovereign states  Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Tanganyika became a sovereign state on 9th December 1961 under our first presedent Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere and Unguja and Pemba became a Republic the following year as Zanzibar on 10th December 1963.

Tanzania is the biggest land covered area approximately 947303km square, Among the East African countries (i.e. Kenya, Uganda Burundi Rwanda and South Sudan). Tanzania has a spectacular landscape of mainly three physiographic regions namely the Islands and the coastal plains to the east and the highlands. The Great Rift Valley that runs from north east of Africa through central Tanzania is another landmark that adds to the scenic view of the country.

The country has more than 120 tribes. Each tribe has its own vernacular. Although there are many languages “Kiswahili” was adopted to be the National Language since 1961 right after independence. The language has spread and is being used in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Kenya and Central Africa. English is the second official language of the nation. You will find that Tanzanians are very welcoming and friendly.

Political system: 

Tanzania is perhaps the leading country in the continent of Africa for its political stability, peace and tranquility. The political system is multi-party and the government is democratic. Freedom of speech is encouraged and accommodated. Political and religious conflicts are resolved through dialogue. In short, religious and tribal conflicts are very rare in the country because every citizen is free to worship as he/she please provided that one does not violate the law of the land. 


Tanzania is a safe country to travel in. Tanzanians are warm-hearted and generous people and are always helpful for visitors from all around the world. Tanzania is a true example of tolerance and cooperation in our modern world, with an evidenced multicultural diversity that has co-existed for centuries and has a lot to offer the world as its example.


The climate is tropical and there are two rain seasons the longer being March through May and the short between October and November. The dry season starts from July through October with clear sky and sunshine the whole day. The weather is suitable for beach vacation. The coastal area is normally hot and humid that is why in Tanzania one can do safari all year.


Health Precautions:

Tanzania is tropical climate country with different bacteria, so it is advisable to take a few health precautions when travelling to make sure that your trip goes as comfortably and smooth as possible, we also have trained tour guide who can assist on first Aid.


Tanzania has all nice accommodation including hotels, lodges and camps


Coming to Tanzania has been made easy for visitors. It is easy to obtain a Tanzanian visa and there are two ways to obtain: You can get a visa from a Tanzanian Embassy or High Commission from your country or during your arrival at the port of entry that is, airport or at the border port. The above procedure is applicable for North America and European citizens. For more details about Visas please contact the nearest Tanzanian Embassy or High Commission in your area or visit Tanzania Ministry of Home Affairs website http://www.immigration.go.tz

Tanzania’s International Airport:

Tanzania has two international airports, one outside the commercial capital Dar es Salaam (airport code: DAR) and the other near Arusha (and Mount Kilimanjaro) called Kilimanjaro International Airport (airport code: JRO). Charter flights and some international operators fly directly to Zanzibar Island (Airport code: ZNZ)

Getting to Tanzania:

If you’re planning to visit Northern Tanzania, the best airport to arrive at is Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA).If you’re planning to visit Zanzibar, southern and western Tanzania, it is ideal to fly to the capital city of Dar es Salaam.


The unit of currency is the Tanzanian shilling (Tsh) and there are no smaller denominations. It’s best to carry as little cash as possible when travelling to avoid further inconvenience if anything should be lost or stolen.

That said, major currencies (like the US Dollar, the English Pound, and the Euro) are easily changed in large towns, Forex bureau offer faster service than banks and although the exchange rates are only nominally different, the bureau usually offer a better rate on travelers’ cheques. Banks around the country have ATM machines that allow you to withdraw cash from your VISA card and other


One can ask why should one visit Tanzania the reason why you shouldn’t miss this great opportunity to visit Tanzania is;

  • To be able to see the highest mountain in Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro dormant volcano mountain which is located in Moshi with the height of 5895 meters and three volcanic cones kibo, Mawezi and shira. Kilimanjaro have different environment the tropical rainforest (where plantation and local live), cloud forest (home for wildlife which are shy and not easy seen), Alpine heath  landscape (rocks)and ice and snow.
  • The great Migration of the Serengeti is considered one of ‘The Ten Wonders of The Natural World’, and one of the best shows in the wildlife world to witness. This is the nature’s greatest show and one of the most mind- boggling wildlife phenomena in the world. The extraordinary movement of almost 2 million hooved beasties is a year-round cycle. The migration involve the zebra, gazelle and wildebeest .
  •  To be able to see different species of wildlife and birds because Tanzania has largest concentration and diversity animals with over 1100 different species of birds  and over hundred thousand group of wildlife like elephants, buffaloes, wild dog and many other. Tanzania has also the largest national parks with different features like Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti national park, Tarangire national park, saadani national park, saanane national park and many other, all this parks and game reserve support life to wildlife.
  • Zanzibar is one of Indian Oceans Island, Zanzibar archipelago made up of Zanzibar also known as Unguja and Pemba Islands, and other small islands. Zanzibar it’s known for its beautiful soft sand, white beach, shimmering azure water, warm water, diverse culture, exotic spices (like glove, cinnamon, lemon grass, turmeric,  black pepper, nutmeg), rich in fauna and flora (Red colobus monkeys in Jozani Forest, butterflies, Kizimkazi dolphins, tortoises and turtles) and its historical sites.
  • The culture, Tanzania has more than 120 distinct tribes the most known tribe are the maasai who are Nilotic ethnic group there are pastoralist who live by shifting from one place to another searching for livelihood/ fresh pastures for their live stocks, the maasai are known for the distinct clothes, custom and traditional where their one of the group that live without electricity, phones, internet or running water. Their worth is measured by the number of cattle and children that one has.
  • Rift valley lakes, Tanzania has the great rift valley which were formed  20 years ago, this valleys are caused by the eruption of volcano which appeared years ago which forced the land to link in and formed great rift valleys with unique land scape that one can enjoy seeing. This rift valley lakes include lake Manyara (is loveliest lake which support the life of mammals and birds , lake Eyasi (with the purple lava walls with white alkaline shallows)  and lake Tanganyika (this is the longest lake in the world).