Who we are!
Kidori Adventure Limited is a tour operator company based in Tanzania established in 2018 by Aisha kadria Msoffe and Genard Peter Msoffe. We are registered with Tanzania Ministry natural resources and tourism, licence NO.000866.

Our dream is to promote Tanzania to the world. By making people understand about Tanzania. Tanzania has a lot of heritage. (Remains of the first human being Zinjathropus, Highest Mountain in Africa “MT Kilimanjaro”, one of the endless plains of the Serengeti , migration of the wildebeest all these are found in Tanzania) with all these and more is the reason why we establish Kidori Adventure Limited so as to promote awareness of our heritage in Tanzania.

Kidori derives from a Pare word among the 127 ethnic tribe which means “SMALL”Pare people live in the northern part of Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro regions, the Pare people are recognized by their two sub-areas based on ethno linguistic differences: Gweno- speaking ugweno to the north and Chashu-speaking usangi to the south. The objective behind the company is to encourage local Tanzanians to tell and show the world that Tanzania is the best place for family vacations, honeymoon vacations, photography enthusiasts and hunting safaris.

Kidori Adventure has carefully crafted our safaris so that they boast the prime luxury and adventures that Tanzania has to offer. As a Tanzanian local, we take a lot of care in ensuring that our guests experience a scenic and relaxing once in a lifetime experience.

We organize your safari tours, game drives, mountain hikes, accommodation and all other touring logistics from start to finish. Our team specializes in making your holiday as enjoyable as possible. We have carefully hand-picked all the accommodation available so that our list ensures that you have a splendid home away from home experience.

Expert Knowledge and Unbiased Advice Kidori Adventure will provide you with professional guides that have an average of more than 10 years of local tourism experience. Many of our guides are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish speaking and have frequently traveled to the destination of your choice. We will always provide you with the complete information on what to expect during your chosen safari and will recommend to you the best destinations and tips to get the most out of your Itinerary. We have very high standards when it comes to hiring and retaining personnel and only hire the most knowledgeable, hardworking and passionate guides in the industry. All of our guides are local. Kidori Adventure empowers locals by hiring locals and helping the local arts and crafts shops

Our Team

Aisha kadria msoffe
Co- founder
Julieth Msofe
Marketing Manager
Carolina Cecilia delgado Rivera
Community manager