Saadani National Park was established in 2002 and covers an area of 1,062sq km. It is located along the Indian Ocean shores, close to Bagamoyo, Zanzibar and Pangani, and is 200km (124miles) from Dar-es-salaam. 

Saadani National Park is home to a wide variety of for flora and fauna, the vegetation its quiet unique it has; the mangrove forest, palm trees and short and tall savannah grass. For wildlife lovers you will discover populations of waterbucks, wildebeests, hartebeests, reedbucks, buffaloes, giraffes, warthogs, baboons, crocodiles, hippos, woolly necked storks, sand pipers, hornbills, palm nut vultures, elephants, lions, leopards and quite often colobus monkeys.

Activities available in the park include game drives, boat safaris, walking safaris, historical tours (old saadani fishing village) and cultural tours (for example, the wazigua, wadoe and waswahili along with other ethnic group who migrated).

While in Saadani National Park visitors will not only enjoy the safari but can take the opportunity to relax on the beach with it's clean and lined up palm trees in an agreeable temperature of 25°C.