Sanane national park is also an island and is located 10 min from Mwanza city, the park is marked as the smallest park in Tanzania its is 2.18 sq and is uniquie as the park is located in the city. The park includes a green and aquatic area, the aquatic part includes varieties of fish that can be found like tilapia and nile.

The park was named after Mzee Sanane Chawandi who was a fisherman before becoming a farmer. He owned the island and he lived there with his family, in 1964 the island turned over ownership from Mzee Sanane to the government and Mzee Sanane was transferred from that island to another.  When the ownership was changed on the island it first became a zoo that was owned by the Tanzanian government. In 1991 the park was changed to a game reserve so that other wil life could come and live on the island. In 2013 the island was changed to a national park.

The park accommodates different wildlife such as Buffalos, Bushbucks, Dik Diks, Elephants, Elands, Impalas, Black Rhinos, Topis, Warthogs, Wildebeests, Zebras, Monkeys (such as Patas and Vervet), Giraffes, Porcupines, Clawless Otters, Snakes, Lions, Hyenas, Crocodiles and many different kind of bird species.

In the park one can experience rock hiking, boat cruising, game viewing, bird watching, picnics, walking, bush lunches, fishing and you can also celebrate special occasions in the park for example weddings, birthdays, family days and group parties.